Tetromatic Cozy Products Limited:

  • Invented “The Most Comfortable Chair,” intending to become a large company within a few years.  How often do you squirm in your chair?  The solution is here!
  • Patented a new technology for office chairs, hospital beds, and vehicle seats.  Our chair will improve working efficiency in the office, and eliminate uncomfortable struggling in aircraft seats.  Our bed will provide comfort and prevent bed sores/ulcers on ICU patients, the elderly, and coma patients.  Our comfort technology module will be provided to furniture manufactures to incorporate into their own products, thereby reaching out to the whole world.
  • Developed a prototype of our innovative seat and mattress that is controlled by computer, and are now developing the tooling for commercial production.

If you are an investor looking for more information. Please contact us we have a separate page for you with more information.