About Us


Tetromatic is an Innovative Product Development Company started in June 2012 in Coimbatore, India.


Ponnuchamy Varatharaj is a professional in Mechanical Engineering (Product Design, Tooling and Manufacturing) and in Software (Product development of Music, 3D Animation and CAD/CAM Products). Before starting these businesses he was employed at engineering companies for 12 years in various industries (in Pune, Ernakulam, and Singapore).

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TWe have developed a low cost fully automatic Injection Moulding Machine and a prototype of an automatic snacks making machine. Now developing an Automatic Rose Cookie machine.


FlexiMusic Music Software – We developed our own music software products, available at the FlexiMusic website. We also have a mobile app for playing music with special effects. Please visit www.fleximusic.com for more information.

Past Project:

Earlier Tetromatic has developed an innovative technology to produce the most comfortable chair and mattress available, currently that project is paused – to be resumed later.