Automatic Charge Calculator Software for Steel Foundry

Steel foundry's production cost can be reduced significantly by using maximum quantity of scrap and minimum of alloys.

Our Software Tetromatic Charge Calculator can automatically calculate the weight of each scraps and alloys for lowest cost.

Download the Windows Setup file here   


What makes this different

Automatically calculates the optimum weights for lowest cost

  • You can add upto 12 scrap materials.
  • You can add upto 22 alloy materials.
  • Work with upto 22 Elements.
  • Add upto 12 compulsory imputs like foundry returns.
  • Targets to Aim Chemistry in addition to Max and Min.

Frequent Questions

You need a Laptop or Desktop with 64 bits Windows 10 or 11.

Yes, after you install, enter your mobile number, get SMS OTP and enter it to activate. Then you can use it free in excel mode.

You can buy license coins to use the App in automatic calculate mode. Coins are available to for Rs 2000 + GST.

With in the Program you can can click "Help" -> "Buy Coins" to make the payment.

For further information

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